BidSlammer is now free! Check out our Ten Reasons to Snipe.

BidSlammer Screenshots

Free Bidding Manager

There is no cost to import your Watch List and use our Bidding Manager to snipe auctions with a 10-second lead time.

Preview Every Snipe

Every time you add a snipe, you can double-check important parameters such as seller rep, ship details, and a chart of the bidding history.

Change Bid Amounts Quickly

Updating lots of snipes at one time is a breeze. We show the underbid items in red. Update them all without lots of annoying page loads.

Choose Your Favorite View

Choose from either Grid View or List View depending on how many snipes you are tracking. Both layouts have full pagination.

Search Right From BidSlammer

Snipe an item directly from the search results. Item conditions and shipping details are included.

Our Search Alerts Are Better

Try Auction Tribune, our search alert service, to help you find that hard-to-find item. A BidSlammer favorite.

Preferences Galore

Customize BidSlammer exactly the way you want it, including lead times, shipping calculations, and frequency of outbid alerts.

Email Manager

If you choose to import your messages, then you can search them from BidSlammer's no-hassle search box.

Slam-It Toolbar

Add snipes directly from an eBay item page. The +/- buttons allow you to increase or decrease your bid by bid increments.

Monitor Your Success

Track your win rate over time.

Chart Your "Win Line"

See how close you're getting to nailing that perfect value.

Bidding History Charts

Get insights into your competitors' behavior that are difficult to read from a table of data.

Track Your Spending

View a daily summary of all of your spending, ship costs, and the categories you purchase from the most.

Find Your "Perfect Penny"

What's the best penny (or cent) value to use for bidding? Pinpoint the best value from our Perfect Penny chart.

Photo Gallery

See images for all your pending snipes on one page, Pinterest-style. The page updates in real time as you add and remove snipes.

Photo Inspector

Don't end up with a lemon. Inspect HD images up close using the photo inspector tool.